Yoga For Everyone

Yoga’s for Everyone – and everyone can do yoga, whatever ability or disability, age, experience,  fitness or bendiness! You can do it anywhere – from beaches to bed – and anytime! And you can start at whatever age you are – it’s never too soon or too late!

But it doesn’t always feel accessible to everyone – for all sorts of reasons – including images that abound on social media, personal issues about body shape, issues of power, class and diversity, financial issues etc. Please email me if you’re reading this and feeling that’s you .. I’m committed to finding creative ways in. If access is an issue financially, please also contact me to discuss options.

There are lots of different sorts of yoga, and you need to try out different sorts to find out if my classes suit you. Live classes, workshops and retreats are tailored to suit those attending, and evolve and change over time. 


Yoga Class

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