Classes and costs

All live classes are currently cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am instead teaching the following online Seated and Vinyasa classes:

Monday 6-7.15pm Vinyasa class

Tuesday 10-11am Seated class

Friday 9.15-10.30am Vinyasa class

11.30-12.30pm Seated class

I have recorded some of these classes so you can practise in your own time. You can find more details here.

Gentle Series

A new series of 6 gentle classes is starting on Tuesday 10th November at 12 -1pm. It will be suitable for anyone who would like a slower practise – the only requirement is to be able to get up and down from a mat relatively easily. These classes will be recorded so you can do them anytime, if the live class time is inconvenient for you. For more information please email me – alipart@icloud.

Additionally, private classes are available for individuals or groups.


Online classes cost £5 for seated and £7 for vinyasa

Individual private classes range from £30-£60 per hour and costs are negotiable depending on benefits/income etc

20 thoughts on “Classes and costs

    1. Thanks for your inquiry, Howard. The class on Wednesdays in Headington is at 4 Brookside – opposite the top of Headley Way. The studio is on the right of the main house – you’ll see it from the road. You’d be welcome to drop in if you’d like to try the class. It’s a small studio, mixed levels, £10 drop-in, £8 block booking. Let me know if you’ve any other queries. Best wishes Alison


  1. HI Alison
    may I attend Friday 9.15? I think you said it is at the Samaritans opposite the Pegasus in Magdalen Road? I’ll bring my ten quid! Do you by any chance have spare yoga mats: I have not yet acquired said item.


    1. Hi Joanna
      You’d be very welcome to come along. I have got yoga mats to borrow – so don’t worry about buying! The Training Rooms to the right of the main door of the Samaritans.

      Hope to see you then



  2. Hi I am old and infirm but have practised yoga over many years I have had a self imposed break of over a year and now feel I am ready to start again.I think the sitting yoga could suit me best and hope you have space for me. I live in the Woodstock Road area but are fairly new to Oxford so would like to know exactly where the classes are held.
    Thank you

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    1. Hi Anne
      Thank you for your inquiry about Seated Yoga. You’d be very welcome to come along and see if it’s what you’re looking for. There are two classes you could attend – unfortunately neither are in North Oxford though. One is on Wednesday morning at 10-11am in Horspath Hub – which is just on the green in Horspath village. The other is on a Friday morning in East Oxford at 10.45am – 11.45am at the Samaritans Training Room on Magdalen Rd in East Oxford. I assume you drive – and there is parking both to the left of the green by the shop in Horspath and in Magdalen Rd (2 hour parking). Even though Magdalen Rd is probably nearer you, Horspath might be easier to get to – round the ring road.

      Both classes have people with a range of ages, mobility issues and experience. The Horspath class costs £7 and the Magdalen Rd one costs £5 per class.

      Do contact me for more information – or just come along if you’d like to give it a try.

      Hope to meet you soon

      Best wishes



    1. Hi Sarah
      The Sunday evening class is at St Albans Hall on the corner of Catherine St & Charles St. I don’t know if that’s close enough – but other than classes that run in Iffley Village hall, it’s probably as close as you’ll get! It’s a vinyasa flow class, with a range of people in terms of age and experience. You’d be very welcome to come and give it a try – it runs from 6.30-8pm and costs £10 drop-in or £8 if you block for a period.

      I’m not teaching this week, over half term, but will be back as usual from 26th February – and a new block of 7 classes starts then, taking us through to Easter.

      Do let me know if you’ve other queries.

      Best wishes



  3. Hi Alison
    Are you running your vinyasa flow class tonight at St Albans hall? If so can I drop in to try it out?


    1. Hi Jane
      Yes – the vinyasa class is on at St Albans this evening from 6.30-8pm. You’re very welcome to come along and see if it’s what you’re looking for. The cost is £10 drop-in or £8 concessions or per class if you book a block of classes.

      Hope that’s ok .. look forward to meeting you



  4. Hi Alison, I’m new to Oxford and looking for local yoga classes so was delighted to find some in Headington. Are the Thursday ones still on at 4 Brookside? If they are still open and available, I will aim for the 7.15am class but it is possible that it will be the 9.15 one I actually get to! Is this ok? Thanks and warm regards,


    1. Hi Maura
      Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, the Thursday morning classes are still running – but only for the next two weeks. After that, the Wednesday evening class will still run at Brookside, but I’m stopping the Thursday classes due to other commitments at the moment. You’d be very welcome to come to either. The studio’s very small, so the classes are small. The early morning class usually has 2 regulars at the moment! The 9.15 vinyasa class is a gentler one, with a few more regulars.

      You’ll find the studio to the right of the main house through the big gates, which are open. You’ll see it from the road. There’s 2 hour parking, or if you’re cycling there’s space around the studio or in the bike shed.

      It’s £10 drop-in or £8 if you book a block of classes.

      Sorry to be stopping them just when you want to start ..! But hope to meet you over the next couple of weeks perhaps.

      Best wishes


      1. Still sounds perfect, Alison as Wednesdays work well for me too. See you soon!


    1. Hi Joanne
      Thanks for your query. I teach on a Wednesday evening in Headington – but it’s a very full class. The one that has space is on a Sunday evening at 6.30-8pm in East Oxford – at St Albans Hall in Catherine St. The only other that might suit you if you want a gentle class is on Friday morning .. depends what you’re looking for and whether you have previous experience of yoga.

      Perhaps you could let me know more ..?




  5. Hi Alison, I would like to come along this evening to the vinyasa flow class, I wonder if you have space for a drop in? As it’s last minute I will just come along and hope for the best, but in case you have a moment now to confirm that it’s okay for me to come along that would be great! Thanks


  6. Hi Alison, your seated yoga online classes have been highly recommended by the Holmans. I was looking for your email address or contact details but can’t see them so hopefully you see this. I think my sister and parents would be interested too.


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